At The Dog Nest, dogs and their owners enjoy a home-like experience! We offer a variety of services...


Here at The Dog Nest we pride ourselves in keeping all of our dog playgroups as safe and fun as possible! We are not your average doggy daycare, dogs receive eight hours of playtime, get their own suites for down time (no crates), and get more one-on-one time with our trained staff! Our indoor playgroups provide a park-like experience with potty grass, park benches, and earthy tones. Every dog must pass a behavior assessment to discern which group would be best for them (based not only on their size, but also their temperament and play style), this allows us to provide an enriching environment that is not only fun but also safe for all the dogs involved!


One Day (One Dog)  -       $30

One Day (Two Dogs)  -      $54

Half Day (up to 5 hrs)  -     $20

Behavioral Assessment  -  $20


Five Day Package  -  $142

Ten Day Package  -   $270

20 Day Package  -     $510

Five Day Pkg. 2-dog  $260

Ten Day Pkg. 2-dog   $500

20 Day Pkg. 2-dog    $980

*Assessment is required prior to first day of daycare or an overnight stay

*Packages apply only to full days of daycare; half days are paid by day


*We are open for Daycare from Monday through Sunday:

     6:30am-7am: Drop Off Time - Dogs go into suites to await group playtime.

     7am-11am: Group Playtime! Dogs are separated into groups based on size and temperament. Dogs can still be dropped off for full or 1/2 day.

     11am-1pm: Lunch / Nap Time - Dogs go into suites to rest / get lunch or snacks.

     1pm-5pm: Group Playtime! Dogs go back into their specific groups.

     5pm-6:30pm: Pick Up Time - Daycare dogs wait to be picked up, overnight dogs get dinner and go out for last time to potty. 

* Saturday for Daycare and Boarding:

     Drop off: 8:45-9:30AM Pick up: 4:45-5:30 PM

*Sunday for Daycare and Boarding

Drop off: 8:45-9:30 AM Pick up: 4:45-5:30 PM



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